Monday, December 28, 2009

Egg Nog French Toast

This isn't my post or my recipe, but I'm passing it on because of a conversation my partner and I had Christmas Eve. He was making the traditional-for him and his kids and spouses-Christmas morning breakfast. Bacon, sausage, a strata, pancakes, and french toast, some kind of store-bought pancake syrup. Strawberries. I asked, "so, how do you make french toast?" He answered, "the way my mother did, mix eggs and milk together, dip the bread in it and fry it." Now I promise, I did not roll my eyes, snarl, curl my upper lip in disgust, or in any way dishonor his late mother. I said nothing (hey, it's his family tradition, I wouldn't mess with it).

Ron is a wonderful, rudimentary cook; meat and potatoes, rice and (god help him) Campbell's cream of something soup (about which I do roll my eyes, snarl, etc.), BUT-I point this out-he does cook, and adheres to (my) rule that the one who doesn't cook cleans up. And he endures endless taste tests of the recipes I'm experimenting with. Who could ask for more? Except perhaps for a more interesting french toast, in this circumstance.

About a half hour later , he asked me "so, how do you make french toast?" I told him I make a batter of egg, milk, flour, powdered sugar, vanilla, dip the bread in and fry it. He had heard of using vanilla, but I suppose he made it his traditional way Christmas morning. We had so much other food, I didn't try the pancakes (if someone has a great pancake recipe to share, let me know-I just don't like the things-I mix chocolate chips in with waffles to tolerate them) or french toast.

So thanks, Paula, these look and sound delicious, and I hope to try them soon. Thanks for the post: Egg Nog French Toast


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